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Dear Prussia: "Leave Jack Alone" doesn't translate into "Permission granted to create new crack crossovers" now kindly GET OUT OF THE MARY POPPINS SECTION... I am SO not writing this right now...

Dear Bun...

Please stop showing up at bedtime. I am already under the covers and I am not getting up. I understand that you have fantastic stories you want me to tell, however, your timing could be better. Also, if you could tell your friends to stop trying to wake me up, the kink squirrel and scene mouse are driving me bat shit insane screaming up a wall.

Thank you,

A desperate writer that needs some sleep!

Sep. 15th, 2011

Dear bun,

I love you, but we HAVE GOT  to work on your persuasion skills. you can't just hop in and nibble on my shins while I'm trying to learn about electric circuits. Don't get me wrong, I love your idea. But I need that information for my future job, and I can't try to jot down your plot ideas AND my physics nots at the same time.

Please reign in your enthusieasm untill the appropriate time, like now when I'm out of class...

*puts out bunny treats*

Sep. 13th, 2011

Dear Bun,

Just a point of clarification. Giving me reasons for Stuff That Has HappenedTM? Good thing.

Giving me said reasons when I'm in the middle of a crazy work day (heck, crazy work week) and cannot write anything down? Not good thing, especially since I'm left with the vague sensation of knowing I could wrap up the next damn chapter if you hadn't scarpered off before I had a free moment.

I do like you, but your timing needs work.

Still love,

Dear bun...

No, you may not take Johns out of Pitch Black and put in Toombs, just to see what happens. Even if it is a good excuse to watch the movies repeatedly (and maybe play Butcher Bay). The TF bunnies are shy, and you know how strong a personality Riddick has. Add in that the DBZ bunnies are twitching and may finally be coming out of hibernation...

It's an awesome idea. No, seriously. Toombs is an @$$hole; Johns is just an @$$. I like that.

Just, please. Wait your turn.


Dear Prussian crossover bunny

When I have a 5000 word critical review due in 3 weeks is not a good time for wanting to produce a Transformers DOTM/Chronicles of Narnia/Sarah Jane Adventures fic, ok? If you want to create crack crossovers, why don't you manbunny up and tackle that HTTYD/Transformers one instead of poking the Toothless muse and then cowering in the corner?

Trying to write my essay fraggit,


Aug. 31st, 2011

Dear Verumi!bunny,

NO, don't you dare do this to me. Don't you dare start multiplying on me! We had an agreement - you are not allowed to go back on that. I've already allowed you to force a side-story and a chapter in between chapters, you are not allowed to give me ideas for another side-story and an epilogue!

Let me, at the very least, finish the first side-story and in between chapter before forcing these new ideas on me, Verumi!bunny. I'm so close to finishing them, one more little push is all I'm asking for! Is that too much to ask for, one tiny, itty bitty little push? ;_;

Pulling her hair out in frustration,

PS: Royal Charade!challenge bunny - please stop filling my head with ideas while I'm at work unable to jolt anything down. It's a big downer when I get home and I'm unable to remember anything you gave me :C

Jul. 19th, 2011

Dear RvB fuzzy plot monster,

Yes, I agree that your idea is very unique and could potentially make a great story. But you can't just appear while I'm away from any form of paper or computer, raving like a loony, then disappear before I can jot something down. You have to give me more plot! Okay, Caboose is secretly a super bad ass, sent to keep an eye on the alpha. Then what? Any story line? SOMETHING?

Dear Transformers/Tron fuzzy cute oryctolagus cuniculus,

I love you. Where did you go? :( We were doing great. Come back...
To the bunny mob:

Taking something from my Creative Writing teacher here. If you do not leave enough coherent plot behind, I will not write you. I will corral you away, to be quietly squished out of my brain. I have enough trouble dealing with the flock of Inception bunnies. The only one of those remaining behind has done as requested and provided plot, as well as a good link for the threatened triple crossover. Do the same.
To the not-posted fic bunnies: Hello. I'm glad you chose to work with me. Now, please wait for me to finish other things / get more info / refresh canon memory / get actual plot from you before I move on.
To the original fic bunnies: Thank you for helping me to expand, but I have other priorities right now. With the exception of the Elemental Style 'verse, you are on hold.
To the posted fic bunnies: I love you very much. You are top writing priority. Now please come back and start being productive. It doesn't help knowing plot if you don't feed me character action.
To all newcomers: Standard policy still effective for you. Come in, have plot notated, and go wait in line or be squished.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

To the comm and all its members/fellow bunny victims,

Here's wishing you all a happy (and productive, because that is the point of bunnies, and you wouldn't be here if you didn't have them) year ahead.

Also, you may or may not know this, but this year is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit (or it will be once February 3 hits). What this means for the bunnies in general, I don't know, but consider this a heads up :3

Love and taking cover,

Ante Luce